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Vidic and other veterans will be Torres example

  According to several Italian media reports, AC Milan is willing to pay 3.5 million Torres euro annual salary, this lease agreement fifa coins without interruption gold lease rate contracts, while Chelsea will not pay extra for Torres. In a sense, some of Serie A perhaps more suited to Torres, where the overall speed Pianman without less emphasis on physical confrontation as the Premier League, Klose, Vidic and other veterans will be Torres example. Prospects Torres Torres tune tactics and Milan did not choose to return to Atletico Madrid, but went to the Serie A campaign, such a choice is not surprising He had expressed the feelings of Serie A in his autobiography, 'I am very concerned about the Italian league childhood, I like Argentine Gabriel Batistuta and Balbo, like Totti. I remember Sacchi's AC Milan, as well as Van Basten. 'Because of the numerous cup, Torres was the fans dubbed the' winner of life ', but he has not won a title weighty during Atletico fifa 16 coins Madrid and Liverpool until after Chelsea won the Champions League, European Cup and other trophies.

Publicerat klockan 07:11, den 28 november 2015
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